Rising Talent Magazine launched on March 1st 2011. It is a magazine that involves kids, teens, and young adults who are following their dreams and at the same time showing everyone that it is "The Climb" that really matters (how you achieve your goals and dreams), not how fast you get there or what happens after you reach your goal. Making a Difference is something very important to Rising Talent Magazine and so is staying positive no matter how small or big the challenge is along the way to your dream.

Rising Talent Magazine is geared towards kids, teens, young adults, and anyone interested in interviews with their favorite celebrities (or learning about someone new), behind the scenes, making a difference, and more!


Learn all about how Rising Talent Magazine got started and about The Creator!

Creator of Rising Talent Magazine: Jaclyn Salamone

Message from Creator:
"I love writing and going behind the scenes. Love getting a chance to introduce new talent and also letting others get a chance to learn more about their favorites in the Entertainment Business!"