Austin Highsmith (Actress)

"My grandfather always used to say that the only thing you truly leave behind in this life is what you do for other people. So I try to be very involved in giving back to my community. I am a part of a charity group founded by two dear friends of mine called Charitable Living. There are about 11 of us and we do many service projects, fund raisers, and donation drives every year. We cook food for the women's shelter, go to elementary schools and do craft projects and read with the children, and raise money for anti-bullying charities by putting on a night of original plays. The whole concept is to make a positive impact on the city of Los Angeles." 



Jenna Simon (Actress)

Making A Difference:
"I try to make myself as available to others as possible. If someone reaches out to you, they are doing so for a reason, and you never know what he or she is battling behind closed doors. Somethings just smiling at someone can brighten their entire day. I know recently, a very special has reached out to me, and she has no idea how much of an impact she has had on me (and probably never will). I do my best to reach out to others in need and I am a big promoter of "Love Is Louder" Campaign that Brittany Snow started as well as Anti-Bullying movements. A girl was writing on Twitter recently about how she wished someone would answer her when she was sad, and I reached out to direct message her and find out what was going on because it pained me to hear someone that upset (even though I didn't known her). She later told me that it really helped and she just wanted someone to notice her. I don't even know how the girl, and I made a big difference in her life just by reaching out. Can you imagine the difference we could make if everyone reached out just once a day? Every sweet gesture, no matter how small it may seem to you at the time, makes a difference."


Melissa Carcache (Singer)

"I feel making a difference is part of human nature. We always want to help each other in any way we can. It can be as simple as holding the door for someone to donating money to your favorite charity.

I like to make a difference every day of my life. My dad always said he loved making people smile and he made it a point to make at least one person smile a day.

To me, that is such a simple yet effective way to make a difference. Everyone has their daily battles and frustrations, with a smile it all seems to disappear in those few seconds. You never know how much a simple gesture will impact someone’s life."

Lots of Love,
Melissa Carcache
Actress, Writer, Producer


Romi Dames (Actress)

I think that there are really easy ways for young people to make a difference in a big way. Though you might not currently have the funds to donate to your favorite charity, you still have powerful ways you can help. Charities need advertisement, and you can assist them simply by informing others of their existence. Learn about what your favorite organization does and let people know about it by posting on Twitter, or liking their page on FaceBook, or letting your friends know about a charity event they can attend.

Here is their FaceBook:


Stephanie Carcache (Singer)

"I am a person who was brought up with morals and values and I make it a point for that to stand out through my music and in everything that I do. I stay true to what I believe in and don’t really follow the "trends".

I think anyone can make a difference just by being their own leader and staying true to who they are and only allowing themselves to be influenced by good examples and I hope I can be one :o)."

Sugar Kisses,
Stephanie Carcache
Singer, Performer



Rebekah Kennedy (Actress)

“I think often times people believe they have to move mountains in order to make a difference. But, even the smallest thing can truly change something or someone else’s life. Everyone is capable of doing great things even if only one person is affected.

Sometimes we may not even realize that just brightening a person’s day or lending an ear to someone that is hurting can change their day. I try and make a difference by offering advice to people who are starting out in the business. The acting world can be a very scary place, especially when a person is new and trying to figure their way through the jungle of everything. I know how incredible it can be to get encouragement from others and maybe even a push in the right direction. Even if it’s as simple as suggesting agencies, where they can take acting classes, or even where a person can look for auditions. Just simple things that can help someone get started on their dream.

It’s not hard to make a difference, we just have to put out a little bit of effort and you never know who’s life you might change."

"Dreams are way too important to be given up on. Dream big.”
-Rebekah Kennedy



Anna Graceman (Singer)

"Making A Difference:  Recently, my family and I had been drinking out of plastic bottles instead of drinking from the tap. Sometimes our water at the house doesn't taste so great.

So we decided that instead of spending our money on bottled water we would by kitchen water filter instead. Now we can drink nice, clean, filtered water that tastes a lot better than either bottled water or tap water. The amount of garbage bottled water creates is terrible for the environment. Did you know Americans use 2,500,000 bottles every hour? Most of them are thrown away and not even recycled. Don’t use “Going out of the House” as an excuse to use bottled water. Drink from stainless steel bottles if you’re on the go and fill it up with your filtered water. I hope you take my advice about not drinking bottled water because, if you make a difference in your home you are likely to make a difference in the world."

Your friend, Anna Graceman



Lexxi Saal (Singer)
"I believe we are all here for a special purpose. My purpose is to give love, be generous, and kind to everyone around me. Yes, me, I can make a difference by encouraging others to reach out and help  those less fortunate than themselves and so can YOU.

To make a difference you just need to find a cause  that speaks to your heart. If there is not a cause start one! And not matter how small  of a gesture YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE! Every one of us has the power of changing someones day or outlook on life just by reaching out to them. You can give the gift of a smile and it costs nothing perhaps just a small amount of  your time. Like Mother Theresa said, "If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one.

I founded an organization LexxiLoves.Org, when I was eight years old. My organization provides love and support to the children in our foster care sytem. I am passionate about this because we have kids just like myself right here in the United States who are without the love and support of a family many winding up homeless. I have learned never to take my family for granted it is a gift that I spend my life with them.

Our generation is filled with compassion and has the capability to reach thousands, as we sit right in our own living rooms with technology. Think about how many hours you spend in front of a computer screen each day. That is time you could be touching someone else's heart. So be the change and imagine yourself making a brighter tomorrow for someone else who really needs you."

"Imagine what  your world would be like if we all linked our hands and hearts together."
- Lexxi Saal 13 years old

"Do one thing every day that makes someone else happy."
-Lexxi Saal



Jaclyn Salamone (Creator and Owner of Rising Talent Magazine)   

"Making A Difference is something anyone can do and YOU can do right from your own home, town, or state! Don't have money to donate to a hospital or another place in need? Well, think of ways to make money from your own home. For example, having a lemonade stand or selling something you baked? Then, taking the money to a local hospital or place in need. Volunteering is another way to help out in your very own community. Do you have talent? Maybe go to a local school and/or a hospital to sing or play music, or show off another talent you have to put a smile on someone's face! Just by making a positive comment towards someone can make anyone's day a bit brighter, no matter what day they might have had."



People are Making A Difference all around the World, and YOU can too!

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