Danica McKellar explains about more about Kernicterus and Lexi.

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Watch to see who has supported Lexi!

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Choreographer: Russell Corpis
Film: Erin Keepers and Heather 

Autumn Miller

Sean Lew

Sarina Jassy

Chloe East

Scarlette Palacios

Rylee Rosenlieb

Sarah Shepherd

Mia Riley

Gianna Gomez

To see more photos of "Lexi's Song" Dance Collab (OC) check out: FaceBook.com/media/set/?set=a.544224382300590.1073741840.154348644621501



Choreographer: Alexander Fost  
Film: Julie Miller

Aubrey Miller
Jordyn Jones
Larsen Thompson
Malia Tyler
Marisa Simon
Sierra Neudeck
Areana Lopez
Mckenzie Morales
Gavin Morales


A group of very talented dancers got together in two different locations to learn a group routine to the song that was written for Lexi! Within just a few hours, the dancers learned and filmed a routine to the four minute song. Amazing group of dancers who took time time out of their very busy schedules to do this for Lexi!
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DATE: Sunday, March 3rd 2013

TIME:11am to 2pm

PLACE: Dex Imaging Skyline Club at
               the Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium

To raise money for Lexi.

Macy Kate
Olivia Ooms
Steve Gogan

Now, how did "Lexi's Song" come about? Well, Rising Talent Magazine contacted a music producer, Andrew Lane, about Lexi sharing a link to Lexi's Story, and he was so touched he decided to write a song for her. 
In the studio past Midnight, Andrew Lane and Macy Kate wrote and recorded the song. The best part? Lexi happened to be in California for a study in Los Angeles, and Rising Talent Magazine set up a meeting. A surprise meeting that is. Lexi and her parents Susan and Ken had no clue what was in store when they walked up to Andrew's recording studio. Taking a tour of the studio, they learned that Andrew has produced many successful and well known albums including: "Hannah Montana", "High School Musical", "Princess Diaries", and more. Soon after, Macy Kate sang "Lexi's Song" to Lexi herself, in person! Lexi and her parents soon learned that "Lexi's Song" would be available on iTunes for $0.99 and all proceeds will go to Lexi's Medical Trust Fund. Rising Talent Magazine captured the precious moment on video, along with an Exclusive with Macy Kate done by Rising Talent Magazine's Junior Reporter Emily Grace Reaves!

You can purchase "Lexi's Song" for $0.99 on iTunes!
(All proceeds go to Lexi's Medical Trust Fund!)
 Click on link below!

Written by:
Music Producer: Andrew Lane
Recording Artist: Macy Kate

Owner of Rising Talent Magazine (Me) (Jaclyn) with Lexi.
Owner of Rising Talent Magazine (Me) (Jaclyn) with Lexi and her parents Susan and Ken.


Lexi's Trip to Orlando to meet up with Rising Talent Magazine!

Watch Lexi's Story Here:
Lexi is an adorable and precious little girl who was born on April 5th 2002. The birth was quick, but Lexi had trouble breathing and her color wasn't quite right. She was born Jaundice, and the doctor told Lexi's parents there was no need to worry nor treat it. Because the Jaundice was untreated, Lexi developed what is called Kernicterus (Partial brain damage to the part of the brain that helps control movement). She understands when others talk to her, but she can't express words as easy and responds in her own way. Lexi is avery strong little girl, and despite everything she has gone through always has a smile on her face. Lexi is an inspiration to many out there, and she warms the heart of anyone who comes across her.

What can you do for Lexi?   
1. Spread the Word- about Lexi and Kernicterus to anyone and everyone you can as Kernicterus can be prevented if more people knew about it.  
2. Donate- to help the research that will continue to find better ways to help Lexi and children with Kernicterus live a better quality life.

To donate to Lexi: Visit her site, and click the donate button.
You can donate any amount you would like.
To find out more about Lexi visit her website: LexiHaas.org


Rising Talent Magazine found out about this precious little girl, Lexi Haas, through an actress, Amy Jo Johnson. Wanting to make a HUGE difference in this little girl's life, Rising Talent Magazine set out on a mission thinking of many different ways to "Help Lexi". Those two words have a lot of meaning.



Choreographer: Katie and The Aurora Borealis Dance Company  
Film: Katie and The Aurora Borealis Dance Company

Alyssa Sullivan
Jason Creamer
Erin Hanafin
Emily Bartniki
Camryn Brothers
Celia Carbone
Jada Wilson
Darija Dilba
Janie Wilson
KerriAnn Surette
Shae Lelievre
Mia Cafaro
Arianna Perry