New York Junior Reporters:
Natalie McKela



Rising Talent Magazine has a chance to go behind the scenes of certain events including music videos, recording sessions and more along with some special interview opportunities!

Australia Junior Reporters:
Kaitlyn Thomas

Cassi Hilbers

California Junior Reporters:
Shayna Chapman
Mikayla Chapman
Sophia Strauss
Victoria Strauss
Emily Grace Reaves
Madeline Aguirre
Melissa Aguirre
Amber Barbell

Sarina Jassy
Scarlette Palacios
Chloe East 
Sara Rowe 
Mackenzie Hancsicsak


Rising Talent Magazine Junior Reporter Scarlette Palacios goes Behind the Scenes of their Photoshoot to talk with Maya and Olivia Clark about Conscious Hollywood and what it is all about!

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