Maddie Layton began dancing at two and a half years old. I loved the music and twirling around, though  technique needed much work. 

Next year she wants to major in Musical Theater at my school, Davenport School of the Arts. She absolutely loves her school. She has great teachers and dancing and doing what you love at school really makes her days special. 

Maddie's favorite Dance Trick is a Back Hand Spring.

Maddie is so grateful for the many people she has met in her life and looks forward to the many more she will meet in her lifetime. She hopes to one day be on Broadway in New York City. 

Maddie also models aside from dancing. Modeling has been really fun for her. She models for her favorite Dancewear Company, "Ohlala Dancewear ". She has met some amazing girls hosting events with the company. The owner is an amazing and kind woman. She has been a huge support for her. 
She actually has her own collection coming out from Ohlala Dancewear that  she designed. That was such an amazing thing to do!

She loved working with them and though they were very serious about things like technique and form she was grateful for their dedication and love they had for teaching her. She spent weeks with them in the summers in upstate New York, at their Russian Ballet Camp. It was really beautiful there and she enjoyed my time with them.   

She likes the excitement of the city, it's like it never sleeps, which is funny because she has a lot of siblings and it seems they never sleep either but it's not exciting. She likes having a big family and her siblings like to watch her dance. She has two younger sisters and three brothers so it's never boring at her house. Her mom is her biggest fan. She does a lot for her. Her Nana and Gramps and her Uncle have all supported her in dance for as long as she can remember.

She loves watching the other girls dance at the studio. They give her so much to look up to. There is so much you can learn from others. 

Maddie enjoyed her time in New York. She has met some amazing people in that big city. She has also taken private lessons from two amazing instructors who she originally met through Broadway Dance Center.

Maddie loves her studio here in Florida. It's a huge change from where she was in Pennsylvania. Her studio name is, "Performers Edge Dance Center."  Everyone there is very supportive. No matter what is going on in her life she knows her dance family is there for her. It is definitely a place built on love and she is grateful to be a part of something so special.


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When Maddie was around eight years old she began going to New York to get intensive ballet training from a Russian couple who were previously professional ballerinas. 

​She took her lessons very seriously though there were times she got bored and would swing on the Ballet Barre like a monkey. As the years passed she focused more on technique and ballet. ​

She continued her regular dance classes in Pa as well as my time in New York. At the age of nine, she began Pointe. She learned the importance of being ready for Pointe shoes, proper technique, ankle strength, and things like Pointe Shoe fit, how to sew my ribbons (which she still doesn't like doing). 


Favorite Past TV Show: "Friends"​​

Favorite Movie: "Titanic"

Favorite Food Restaurant: Red Lobster

Favorite Quote: "Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!"

-Dr. Seuss

 She has enjoyed every minute in New York City and love eating at her favorite restaurant, "Rosie O'Gradys", near Times Square. The manager has become a great friend to her and huge supporter. He always encourages her to chase her dreams.  

She performed in her first Nutcracker Ballet in New York City at the age of nine. She had the lead for "The Doll", and "Chinese", as well as special parts in "Arabian", "Snow", and she played a soldier. Her second New York ballet performance was in "Cinderella". 

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If Maddie could tell anyone anything it would be to never give up and know your own worth. "Don't ever let anyone else's opinion of you become your reality." Kindness is so important to her and she really dislikes bullying. She thinks Kind and Strong are definitely the new beautiful. Don't forget choose kindness always. You never know what someone's going through. 






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