Aislynn "Azzy" Brooks (age 9) is a Florida, US based singer, actress, and model. Born for the stage, she's been performing with Entertainment Revue, a professional singing and dance group in Tampa since age 5 and is the group's youngest ever member in it's almost 30 year history.  

Azzy also models and acts and has been featured in several commercials, print ads and film. Her idol and inspiration is Lady Gaga whom she dreams of the chance to meet one day. 

She has recently begun to share her singing talents on social media and is working on her first original song. 

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Azzy was recently identified by Fox 13's Mark Wilson for a special news piece on her musical talent. 

She's also recently garnered the attention of Lady Gaga and Bebe Rexha, being featured on their social media accounts on several occasions this past year.

 In her spare time Azzy enjoys dance, piano, horseback riding and playing with her 80 pound labradoodle, Ginger.

Check out Rising Talent Magazine’s Photoshoot with January 2020 Cover Girl AZZY BROOKS

A featured soloist with that group, she has performed for many organizations and corporate events. Additionally, she has been a National Anthem singer for local and national sports teams and charity groups.