Autumn loves to use her voice to Make a Difference. She has taken part in Rising Talent Magazine's monthly concerts to Benefit The Actors Fund. 

The most celebrated lifetime achievement for Autumn Rae so far was performing twice at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem, NYC.

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Autumn Rae has new music and videos soon to be released. Be on the lookout for her very first full album!!

Fall of 2017, discovered on YouTube, Autumn had her theatrical debut as Small Alison in FUN HOME, at a regional theatre in Arkansas called TheatreSquared. Getting to live in Fayetville was so much fun! She got to reprise the role of Small Alison in May 2018 for Titusville Playhouse's production of Fun Home.

Autumn Rae plans to go on tour performing her own concerts, hopes to be on TV, in Films...she is writing a pilot right now, and to perform on Broadway!!

Most currently she was a principal acting cast member at the Holyland Experience from July 2018 to March 2020 in several roles in their Broadway level Musical Productions. Her TV credits include her role as Lauren in 'The Lauren Cooper Story' on World's Astonishing News and a feature on the ARDY'S.

She has several original songs such as

"I Wish I Could Fly", "Supposedly", and "Every Christmas"

on ITunes and other platforms currently.

At age eight she and her mother drove cross country to work in a music video for the gaming company If "If You Can". They stayed for 6 months shooting various projects and landed the role of Daisy,as David Arquette and Danielle MacDonald's daughter, in the film 'Tortoise'.

​​​​​​​Check out  September 2020 Cover Girl Autumn Rae Shannon ​and her Interview during her Photoshoot for Rising Talent Magazine

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Those experiences have given her a new found love...adding Theatre to her list of artistic endeavors. She played Esther Jane Alberry in A Christmas Story at the Garden Theatre December 2018.

Her commercials include National DQ Cakes, Hard Rock Kids Suites,and she was flown to Nebraska to do Midco WiFi, she even had to bring her guitar for the last two!! She's been in several short films.


Since age nine she has had a viral video that has had yearly recurring success, of her singing "And I Am Telling You" at McDonald's. Even Jennifer Hudson herself blasted it on all of her socials!!!

Delilah as "Train Boy" and parents with Molly Rushing and James A Pierce III

Anastasia Broadway

Autumn Rae Shannon is a singer/songwriter, actor,and dancer from Apopka, Florida. Since the age of four, she has been helping her community performing at charity and fundraising events.

​​​​​​Check out  September 2020 Cover Girl Autumn Rae Shannon ​Behind The Scenes of her Photoshoot for Rising Talent Magazine

A songwriter since age 5,"Back Where I Belong" showed a maturity rarely seen in such a young writer. 

In 2016 she won the World Champion of Performing Arts for Vocal Duets with her partner against 61 other countries.