Olivia attended her first dance convention this year and will be going to her second in January 2018.

​Olivia Manship began taking dance a age two at Ms. Lisa’s dance in south Tampa​.

Olivia's favorite styles of dance are Jazz Contemporary and Lyrical.

Olivia's ​dance goals are to become more flexible, dance well and have more fun!

Olivia's ​favorite dance trick is back handspring.

Olivia started competing at age four.

Olivia moved to New Level Dance Company in Tampa this year (2017). 

Olivia's first solo was at the age of five.

Olivia is a fun spirited second grader who loves to have fun and hang out with friends through school and dance.

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Olivia is currently Competing two solos, and four groups this year.

On Olivia's days off from school, as a second grader, she takes on private lessons to help improve her dance skills!

​​Check out the Behind the Scenes video of Photoshoot with Rising Talent Magazine's' December 2017 Cover Girl Olivia Manship!






​​Check out December Cover Girl Olivia Manship's Interview during her Photoshoot for Rising Talent Magazine!

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