Jaiden on stage as "Annie Who" in How The Grinch Stole Christmas National Tour 2018​.

​She participates in various Broadway Cares, the Actors Fun, Broadway Serves and the St. Jude Run/Walk events to give back to her community.​

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Listen to Jaiden and her Song Cover of "Home" from Beetle Juice

Jaiden with some of the cast of How The Grinch Stole Christmas National Tour (2018)

Jaiden’s TV highlights include “I Know This Much is True” on HBO, “Brainchild” on Netlifx and Mother Goose Club on Netflix and You Tube.

Outside of formal training weekly at the Prep NJ,

Jaiden loves playing guitar, cooking with her dad, making Tik Toks and spending time with family and friends.

 Jaiden was on the road from September 24, 2019-March 13, 2020. The rest of her tour was postponed due to COVID. Disney is hoping to resume sometime next year.​​

Jaiden Klein as "Young Elsa"

Dressing Room Fun and Memories

Off-Broadway: Jaiden has participated in various productions:

Emergency Musical (Lilly/Elle) August 2019;

Regional: Les Miserables (Young Cosette) 10 years old and Annie (Molly) she was 6-7 years old...her first time in a real production)y.​

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​ Jaiden had just turned 11 when she made her Broadway National Tour Debut in Dr Seuss’

How the Grinch Stole Christmas in 2018. ​

Jaiden Klein is a New York City based AEA Actress, Singer and Dancer. 

Jaiden Klein as "Young Elsa"

Dressing Room Fun and Memories






A year later she originated the role of "Young Elsa" on the First National Broadway Tour of Disney’s Frozen the Musical.

Jadien with the girls of The Frozen National Tour

Stella Cobb ("Young Anna")

Alyssa Kim ("Young Elsa")

Arwen Monzon-Sanders ("Young Anna")


​ Jaiden backstage with her "Cindy Lou Who" Fiona Morgan 

​FUN FACT: Both girls went onto to join The Frozen Musical Family

Delilah as "Train Boy" and parents with Molly Rushing and James A Pierce III

Anastasia Broadway