Amanda Thripp & Matilda U/S

Young Fiona


Balloon Girl/Swing Baby June


Elle Woods





Pleasure Isle Kid

Michael Banks

Jenny Lind


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Behind the Scenes during her Photoshoot for Rising Talent Magazine

In January of 2019, Ellie lost her Nana to caner and they had a very special bond. Her Nana never got to see Ellie perform as she was to sick to travel to the east coast of Florida to see her perform as Michael Banks in Mary Poppins. She never saw her make her first professional debut but I know she’s with us and as proud as ever. Ellie's first production of Shrek was dedicated to her Nana, Pam Burford.​


Ellie trains weekly with Rance Wright with the Wright Way Coaching and Vocally with Amy Tanner and her theater home away from home is Broadway Bound Coral Springs owned by the amazing Nadine Shapiro and directed by Julie Kleiner Davis. 

Broadway Bound is Ellie’s home, they believed in her from the beginning and have given her the knowledge and tools to navigate through professional auditions. Ellie will train at Broadway Bound this Summer where they will put on Suessical the Musical and Ellie has three intensive trainings this Summer.

Broadway Dreams in Fort Lauderdale is one of them.

Ellie is working on recording some songs in the studio with an incredibly talented friend this Summer!

Stay tuned for more info on that.

​​​​​​​​​Check out June 2022 Cover Girl

Ellie Rose and her Interview for Rising Talent Magazine


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Ellie also participated in her best friend, Jack Rodman's Driveway Musicals where they put on Hamilton on the Driveway and Driveway Musicals was also highlighted on the Today Show!  The Driveway show traveled from Jacks Driveway to Ellie’s Driveway and still active today, this Summer Driveway Musicals is Putting on Six the Musical and Ellie is in charge of Costume Design along with being in the show also.

Slow Burn Theatre Co.

Slow Burn Theatre Co

Slow Burn Theatre Co.

The Wick Theatre

Actors Playhouse

Broadway Bound

Broadway Bound

Broward Center

Lakeworth Playhouse

Broadway Bound

Missoula Children's Theatre

Broadway Bound

Parkland Music Academy

Parkland Music Academy



Shrek The Musical

Cat in The Hat


The Jungle Book

Legally Blonde




Frozen Jr


Mary Poppins

The Greatest Showman

Beauty and the Beast

 She has a way about her performance level that can really grab your eye and force you to watch her.

​​Magazine Cover created by: Jaclyn Salamone ​​

​         Photographer: Jaclyn Salamone

When Ellie was 5 she took the stage with her first competition group and danced to the song “All The Single Ladies” the amount of personality and sass that came out of that child during that number was absolutely star quality. 

A few months later, she got the call she was offered the role of Young Fiona in Shrek. This role is what lit a fire in Ellie, she knew from that moment she wanted to do this for her career. There was no child wrangler in Shrek, she did her own make up, and wig and was in charge of herself at age 9. She also played Lord Farquaad's father “Grumpy” which was a super big and funny costume which leads into a funny blooper. She fell in her Grumpy Suit in the dressing room while everyone else was on stage and couldn’t get up on her own because of how large the costume was so she just laid there until someone came off stage to help her up.


Slow Burn Theatre Co.
Matilda (Amanda Thripp & Matilda U/S) Shrek The Musical (Young Fiona)
Cat in The Hat (Sally)

The Wick Theatre                                      Gypsy (Balloon Girl/Swing Baby June)             

Actors Playhouse                                          The Jungle Book (Mowgli)                                 

Broadway Bound                                      Legally Blonde (Elle Woods)
Matilda (Matilda)                                          Frozen Jr (Olaf)

Broward Center                              Descendants (Audrey)

Lakeworth Playhouse                                   Annie (Molly)


Mary Poppins

The Greatest Showman

Beauty and the Beast


​At 8 years old, Ellie's family found Broadway Bound in Coral Springs, FL. Immediately Ellie fell in love with all aspects of theater and her fist role and show with Broadway Bound was Michael Banks in Mary Poppins.

The following Summer a local regional theatre, Slow Burn Theater Company was holding the season auditions which included youth because their season had Shrek and A Christmas Story. Ellie went to her very first audition for Slow Burn under the guidance or Nadine Shapiro, Broadway Bound owner and mentor, Amy Tanner, voice coach and mentor and Julie Kleiner Davis, Acting Coach and mentor had prepared her for the audition. ​

Fast Forward 2020

In February 2020, Ellie auditioned and was accepted into the Broadway Artist Alliance Program in NYC. She was all set to train for 3 weeks the summer of 2020 in NYC and sightsee for a week spending the month there but 2020 had other plans and hopes and dreams were put on hold. To stay busy during 2020 Ellie started a business Mix and Make Dreams Come True where she sold mini waffle Makers and a jar of waffle mix and topping which also included a membership in a Saturday morning baking club over zoom. The kids who bought the package would log on and they would all bake waffles together each week had a different themed food.

Ellie likes to be present on Instagram and always spread a positive light on any kid or youth wanting to do theater she hopes to inspire kids to go for it, shake the nerves and go give it your best shot and if you fall down get right back up and try again.  Ellie tries to find the positive in every situation because a positive mindset is super powerful.

Ellie says "If I have inspired at least one kid to go out for the role then that’s all that matters. 


ELLIE ROSE PULSIFER is an 11 year old full of personality triple threat.

Moving to Parkland, FL in 2017 was right where

Ellie Rose needed to be for the wonder of musical theatre to takeover. Broadway Bound Performing Arts School was where Ellie found her love and passion for theatre grow deeper.

Check out Photos from Rising Talent Magazine’s Feature with June 2022 Cover Girl Ellie Rose

2022 marks 10 years since Ellie started in the world of dance which included

Tap, Jazz and Ballet. 

Ellie began dancing at the age of 2 and has been dancing ever since. 

In 2017, Ellie and her family moved from St. Petersburg, FL to Parkland, FL for her fathers work. 




Ellie was a competitive dancer from the age of 5 to 8 and quickly learned that performing was her strong point. 
Voice lessons were started at age 5 where she performed at the end of the year recitals at her dance studio.

Here she continued competitive dance for a year but learned her passion was singing and dancing. She would always lip syncing her songs in her dance competitions when she wasn’t supposed to. Ellie decided to change direction and find a musical theater program, but continue to dance just not competitively.


Ellie still has a broadway Artisit Alliance credit (BAA) she plans on using but waiting for the right time.

Ellie's goals are to continue to grow and train in all areas of her craft and she loves to audition for local regional shows that allow her to perform professionally and allow her to stay in school and be with her family.

Broadway is the ultimate goal and if it happens incredible and if it doesn’t happen, still incredible because the talent in South Florida theater is off the hook!!