Ellie is always looking to learn and loves challenging herself to go further.






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While she keeps her vocals in check, Ellie Jane makes sure that her dance moves stay swift and graceful as she performed part of “The Nutcracker” winter performance as “Chinese Girls” with the Florida Dance Theater during their 2018 season and recently performed for her ballet recital, “Cinemagic” to the tune of American in Paris.

Check out Rising Talent Magazine’s Photoshoot with July 2019 Cover Girl ELLIE JANE


She started taking piano and ballet lessons when she was three and half years old after showing interest while watching her older cousin take a piano lesson.


Ellie's love of music and dance has always been a part of her extra curricular activities as she has participated in her school’s chorus for all county competitions.

Ellie  loves Broadway Musicals, Theatre, and Spending time with Family.

Ellie Jane is the only daughter of Herschel and Melba Horton. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia on May 24, 2007.  

While in Atlanta, Ellie Jane appeared in a few local commercials as a sweet little girl.​

Recently, she competed for her school’s 2019 Talent Show and won first place with a vocal solo rendition of the famous Les Miserables’ “I Dreamed a Dream.” ​

 In 2015 the Horton’s moved to Florida and at the end of her fourth-grade year, she was recommended by her school, Winston Academy of Engineering, to skip fifth grade and attended Lawton Chiles Middle Academy charter school.      

She hopes to be a surgeon someday but cannot make up her mind yet whether to specialize in orthopedics or internal medicine. “I will have to explore and probably decide when I get to Med School” said this month’s Rising Talent with a bashful smile.

She had also done theater arts with stage performances for “Alice Through the Looking Glass” and “Elf Junior” with the Lakeland Community Theater in 2016. 

Behind the Scenes clip of Photoshoot with Rising Talent Magazine's July 2019 Cover Girl Ellie Jane!

On top of her busy schedule, Ellie Jane puts her studies as top priority. She is a member of the National Honors Junior Society and is taking advanced classes to get her better prepared for college.