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​This year, she said she stepped out of her comfort zone and did a musical theatre solo (along with a lyrical solo). The musical theatre solo "Music and Mirror" choreographed by Richie Lucibello won 1st in category at many competitions. Her lyrical solo "I Can Only Imagine" choreographed by Jamie Davis won technique award as well as overall.  ​   

Aubrey's goals for the future is to attend a college with a great dance program where she can continue her dance education. Her end goal is to be a Rockette!!!​

Behind the Scenes clip of Photoshoot with Rising Talent Magazine's September 2019 Cover Girl Aubrey Flint!

She studies all genres of dance but her main focus is on ballet. She takes 4 ballet classes a week. She loves all types of dance and really doesn't have a favorite at this time. (well maybe acro, she chuckles)

She has won several group dance awards but the one that stands out the most is this year at Radix Orlando. "Winter" choreographed by Carly Gallop, not only won "On The Edge" but was a "Studio Stand Out" and was invited to perform in the end show. This year was another 1st for her as her team did a competitve hip hop dance choreographed by Ms Elexis. The dance scored extremely well , many times 1st overall. 

Aubrey Flint started the dancing at the age of four in a non competitive studio. She moved to a competitive studio (Soul Studios, Sarasota) at the age of nine. 

 She is kinda funny.  Most people don't know that about her because she takes her dance and learning seriously.

 She'd rather eat broccoli than a cookie. She loves vegetables!

She doesn't attend regular school. She is home schooled.

She has 2 brothers and 1 sister, 3 dogs and 2 birds,lots of fish and a guinea pig!

Aubrey competed her 1st solo that year to "Wash That Man"(Jamie Davis) where she won 1st place in her division. She has never looked back! 

Check out Rising Talent Magazine’s Photoshoot with September 2019 Cover Girl AUBREY FLINT



Radix Core Performer Runner Up Orlando
Volocity Tour Scholarship Winner Orlando
24seven Jazz Scholarship winner Orlando
Dancerpalooza Scholarship winner 
Judges Award for technique