​​​​​Check out November 2019 Cover boy Ashton Heathcoat's Interview during his Photoshoot for Rising Talent Magazine!

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Behind the Scenes clip of Photoshoot with Rising Talent Magazine's November 2019 Cover Boy Ashton Heathcoat!

When he isn't performing Ashton is a successful ice hockey goalie. 

Ashton's personality shines through everything he does. He is all about having fun and will for sure make you laugh.

Check out Rising Talent Magazine’s Photoshoot with November 2019 Cover Boy ASHTON HEATHCOAT


Ashton Heathcoat's career began at age five appearing in print ads and commercials for JetBlue Airlines and MasterCard. He sings, dances and acts. 

Ashton recently showed an interest in Musical Theatre and landed the role of "Chip" at The Broadway Palm Theatre in Fort Myers, Florida. His most recent theatre role is "Michael" in "Finding Neverland: The Musical" at Broadway Palm Theatre which started its run October 3rd 2019 and runs until November 16th. He is one of many boys who take on the young roles in the show. There is are two different casts and he performs in four to five shows a week.

Ashton is an Actor best known for his role as "Beto" in the Sceond Season Nickelodeon's "i am frankie". His character an Android (Robot) that meets "Frankie" who is just like him although he is a bit more robotic and less human like.