Q #5: Any similarities to your character “Diana” and you personally? 
Emily’s Answer:
“I think “Diana” and I are both very determined, and we both work for what we want. Diana  definitely isn’t a quitter and she keeps fighting for what is right and for her beliefs even when people are against her and I think I’m like that too. We both enjoy helping people and making others happy. And of course Diana is very funny and I like to think that I am too!”

Q #9: Any similarities to your character in “Tomb Raider” and you personally? 

Emily’s Answer: “’Lara’ is a strong, independent young woman and I aspire to be like that. She’s very fearless, I think I am too (although I am a little scared of spiders!) and she’s also quite strong willed which in a way is similar to Diana. We both share a drive to get done what we need to do. For Lara it’s finding the will power to cross a deadly ocean to find her father and for me it’s finding the will power to write my English essays! We are also both very sassy!”

Photographer: Alexa AP Wilding Photography

Photography Assistant: Rachel Charlotte Mathews

Styling: Michelle Pierre-Carr

Hair and Makeup: Emily Collins


(Tuesday, October 16th 2018- Monday, October 22nd 2018)


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Q #7: Do you have a favorite memory from being on set of “Tomb Raider”?
Emily’s Answer:
“It was very very cold the day we filmed and it was also spitting with rain so on the last take when Roar (Uthag, director) said cut everyone ran to the monitors and huddled under the tarpaulin and no one wanted to leave and get wet. Until a lovely lady from craft services came over and said there were pancakes with Nutella up at unit base, then everyone ran and we all got soaked but it was 100% worth it.”

Q #8: What message do you think the movie “Tomb Raider” and the story sends?
Emily’s Answer:
“’Tomb Raider’ is again about strong independent women. The way that Lara finds her own path in life is very inspiring. Also it sends a strong message of power and shows that girls can do anything. Girls can have muscles and do boxing too! Lara is a modern icon for young girls.”

Q #1: What was it like playing a “Idina Menzel” in “Baby It’s Cold Outside” Music Video Ft. Michael Buble?
Emily’s Answer:
“It was amazing! So many young people aspire to be like Idina (including me) and it was an honour to play mini her! I went on a British talk show called “The One Show” with Idina and Harry (mini Michael in the video) and I can honestly say she is super lovely. Michael Buble is very nice too! He invited us to one of his concerts and said hey to us from the stage. I also made lots of friends on set who I’m still friends with now. We actually filmed in a bank in London and the set designers created this beautiful 1920’s inspired Christmas hotel set inside the bank. I remember walking in on the first day and it was like stepping into winter wonderland. It’s such a feel-good video that gets you into the Christmas mood. ”

Q #10: What other projects have you been a part of or coming up in the future we can look out for?
Emily’s Answer:
“I'm very excited to share my new movie ‘Anastasia’ very soon! I play 'Anastasia', a Russian princess who somehow ends up in 1980’s America when escaping 'Lenin' (Jo Koy) who is trying to capture her and her family so he can rule Russia. In America she makes friends with 'Megan' (Amiah Miller) and they go on lots of adventures together including meeting a pop star called 'Bliss' (Aliyah Moulden). But does 'Anastasia' get captured? You’ll have to wait and see! It’s a funny, fantasy, action filled movie with hints of the true story of 'Duchess Anastasia Romanov'. I also recently finished voicing the role of 'Anne Frank' in the animated movie ‘Where is Anne Frank’. Based on the graphic novel by Ari Folman it follows Anne and her fondly named diary/ imaginary friend, Kitty. It was a huge honour to play such an inspirational, strong young woman who has been such a role model for so many people for so long. Her positive message really comes through in this powerful movie. It won’t be out for a few more years but it’s worth the wait for sure!” 

Q #2: What was it like being part of the movie “Wonder Woman” as “Diana” (Age 12)? 
Emily’s Answer:
“One of the best experiences of my life for sure. It was my first time being on a movie set too, so at first I was very overwhelmed with there being so many people but I got used to it. I loved learning to sword fight! I trained at the Warner Bros studios in London for nine weeks with all the other Amazon warriors. It was hard work but so much fun! Wonder Woman is such an empowering film and I felt very privileged to play a small part in making that happen. I hope to do more movies like this in the future to inspire more young women worldwide.”

Emily was born 30th April, 2003 in North London.
At the age of nine, she made her professional theatre debut in "Shrek: The Musical: at The Theatre Royal Drury Lane. Since then Emily appeared as "Marta Von Trapp" in "The Sound of Music" at Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre directed by Rachel Kavanaugh. The production was nominated for ‘Best Musical Revival’ at the 2014 Olivier Awards, and subsequently Emily reprised her role with a live performance at the Olivier Awards Ceremony at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden.

In 2014, Emily was cast in the semi-regular role of "Grace Beauchamp" in BBC’s flagship Saturday night drama "Casualty", a role she played over 3 series. Also in 2014, she featured as 'Mini Idina’ in the music video for Idina Menzel and Michael Buble’s hit single "Baby It’s Cold Outside".

In the summer of 2015 Emily filmed the semi regular role of "Mary Conan Doyle" in the 10 Part drama "Houdini & Doyle" which aired in the spring of 2016 on Fox (USA), ITV Encore (UK) and Shaw Media (Canada).

Making her big screen debut in 2017 as "Young Diana" in the Warner Brothers blockbuster movie "Wonder Woman", Emily has begun to carve a niche as a young action hero moving swiftly into the role of 'Young Lara Croft' in the 'Tomb Raider' reboot directed by Roar Uthang which released in 2018.

Emily has recently completed principal photography in the USA in the title role of "Anastasia" in "Anastasia: Once Upon a Time" directed by Blake Harris followed by the role of "Anne Frank" in the feature film "Where Is Anne Frank?" directed by Ari Folman.

Emily studies at MX Masterclass in London and is represented by Curtis Brown Actors in the UK and United Talent Agency in the USA.

Q #4: What message do you think “Wonder Woman” and the story sends?
Emily’s Answer:
“The story shows 'Diana' growing up into a fierce independent woman and I think that’s part of what’s so inspiring. You can see that determination stick with her from when she was a little girl. It tells people that being a woman and being feminine doesn’t mean you can’t also be physically and mentally strong. I love the positive message behind the movie that is anyone can be Wonder Woman if they really want to be.” 

Q #6: What was it like playing a young “Lara Croft” (Age 14) in the movie “Tomb Raider”?
Emily’s Answer:
“First of all, I was super lucky to look like Alicia and Gal! It was so surprising to get to play the younger version of an iconic female character so soon after playing the younger version of a different iconic female character. The whole experience was absolutely amazing. I loved the character of Lara as she is very similar to myself. I love how quirky and funny she is! Working with Dominic West was so much fun. He is an awesome actor and person. I also really enjoyed learning archery. It’s always nice to try a new sport and I’ve actually continued with archery since shooting, just because I liked it so much!”

Q #3: What memories do you have from being on set?
Emily’s Answer:
“When Robyn Wright and I were filming my scene there were lots of different animals in the background to make it look like the Amazon. We had lots of peacocks and birds but there was a ram as well. When we were filming, we’d be midway through the fight and the ram would make a really loud snorting noise that made everyone jump and burst out laughing! Every take it would get closer and closer to us, so the animal trainers had to put it on a leash and tie it to a tree. It was very funny!”