Wanting to get involved to help Lexi Haas, dancer Kaitlyn Marcussen self-choreographed a solo to “Lexi’s Song”, which was specifically written for Lexi to show Lexi how much of an inspiration she is. Along with the solo, Rising Talent Magazine asked Kaitlyn a few questions about dance.

Kaitlyn Marcussen eight years old. She is a competitive dancer and gymnast. Kaitlyn's journey began when I was three years old. She loved it from day one! She loves a variety of styles of dance, but her favorites are Lyrical, Contemporary and Jazz. She really enjoys performing and competing, and have won numerous awards. Kaitlyn is the current National Mini Dancer of the Year for Hollywood Vibe. She has also been honored to win many overalls and titles at different competitions. Kaitlyn's inspirations are my dance teachers as she really looks up to them because they are amazing dancers. 


(Tuesday, May 29th 2018- Monday, June 4th 2018)


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